in the book of life

Song of the Day: It Was Written by Damian Marley

T-minus: 59 days

Haven’t written anything in awhile, mainly because work has been giving me a major headache, so the nights I planned on typing up a post, I had come home beyond stressed out and livid about work. Then we went to a pre-natal session which put us both in a foul mood. Then I have had some really bad sick-days. And that is not to say the last few weeks haven’t been wonderful, honestly, they’ve been pretty good outside of those factors. Matt and I have been enjoying some movie-time, and we’ve found a hilarous British talk show on Netflix, which talks about cars, and it’s absolutely brilliant, it’s just been frustrating dealing with the other outside factors in my life right now. Heads up, long post.

So to recap the last couple of weeks:

I think the one thing I have learned, first and foremost, is that it really is okay to trust yourself.

And a big thanks Fal for that reminder. It is so easy to get caught up in the Baby-Industry-Complex, that you can quickly lose sight of what is necessary, versus what you’re told you need. Or torn between what this source says, and another. There is no cut and dry with this, no black and white, no right or wrong (unless you’re being negligent).

The last pre-natal session we went to, Matt and I left very annoyed. I had always thought pre-natal would be an information session, a safe place to ask questions about what all of our options are. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case, and I have heard this from many others in their experiences with the Public Health forum in this province. This particular session was covering breast feeding, I had heard that Public Health really pushes breast feeding, but I didn’t realize how much of a controversy it could, and would be.

To breastfeed, is a choice. Sometimes it’s a choice made based on your lifestyle, or your situation, but at the end of the day, it is a choice. The Registered Nurses running our pre-natal class didn’t believe this to be the case. Yes, breastfeeding is a bonding thing, it is a health thing, it is a natural thing, but I don’t think it is something that should be forced upon you. A friend of mine had a baby last year, it was her second child, and she breast fed her first child for quite some time, but her second wouldn’t latch, but she felt that the nurses in the hospital were forcing her, pressuring her, and judging her.

During the session, the RN asked what we had heard from friends/family on their experiences with breast feeding (as all of us are first-time Mamas), and I pointed out about my friends experience. Well, the RN didn’t like that, and from there sprung the controversy.

It was about sixteen extremely pregnant women and their partners against the RN. She became defensive. We all had questions about options, and the RN didn’t answer anyone. She would go on these long spiels about breastfeeding, like it was the ONLY option available, or she would start to say something, then ask “well is that what you’re planning on doing?

Um… no, I am hear to ask questions about my options.”


I think most of us felt genuinely annoyed at the direction being forced upon us, because anything, any of us, had to say was responded to with something about “well breastfeeding is the best, blah blah blah.

And I am not saying breastfeeding is bad. Not in any way do I believe it’s a bad thing, I think it’s a great thing if that works for you. I want to breastfeed, but I am not going to stress myself and my newborn out because I am told I HAVE to, if it’s not working. At the end of the day, Baby needs nourishment, and if Mama can’t provide it,  Baby won’t be happy.

I get it, the first couple days, the funny coloured milk (can’t remember the name of it) is the best for them, but for some women, breastfeeding immediately doesn’t work. I am not going to be naive, and say “I am going to breastfeed from day one, and I’m going to do it until the child is X number of months old“, because that would be foolish of me to do so. This is the approach Matt and I have taken in all aspects of our pregnancy. Ideally, we would love if I could have a natural birth, but if something comes up, we understand that a C-section would be necessary. I would love to say “I can do this birth without the epidural“, but frankly, I’m a pussy when it comes to pain, so I am happy to know the epidural is there, and available for me if I decide I would like to have it. And I would love to be able to breastfeed, but if my baby doesn’t latch, and it’s stressing me out, other options will need to be considered for the sake of ensuring my baby is fed, and we can try breast feeding again next time.

I’m just trying to be realistic. If I tell myself “this is what is going to happen” I will more than likely be upset when it doesn’t work out the way I had wanted. I’m a perfectionist by nature, so having accepted from day one that I cannot control everything in my pregnancy helps. I know how I look at things, I know I will be upset if I plan for things to be one way, and they turn out to be another. So instead, I plan for all scenarios.

Work has become ridiculously stressful. I am not supposed to stand for prolonged periods of time, so I am restricted to working weekends now, because that is the only way I am ensured to have someone working the shift with me. Otherwise, I would be working solo, and if it’s a busy night, I can’t be running around, trying to get things done, plus dealing with the customers, and lifting/bending for product for 4-5 hours by myself. This isn’t the end of the world to me, I was getting my 20 hours a week, but now we’ve hired the girl that is supposed to replace me (one month to learn a TON of stuff), and now I have to spend my last couple of weekends training her. Consequently, my hours have been cut in half to make up for her, our hours have been cut on top of that because the company wants us to do a million things, but doesn’t feel it necessary to give us hours to do it all, we don’t get any “free-training” hours to train new people, and work is just too much right now. I am only going to have approximately ten shifts left, but it feels so far away. I just wish I could be a normal part-timer. Not a part-timer who can fill in as the assistant with ease, who busts their ass to ensure everything is perfect every shift, and cares too much. It would be nice to be one of those part-timers who could just go to work and go home, then be done with it.

My boss also emailed to inform me about an Assistant Managers position in the community Matt and I would love to end up in, and pointed out she knew the timing isn’t great, but to keep in mind in case the person who takes the position doesn’t stick around, to keep my eye on it. I told her I appreciated the offer, but wasn’t focused on “future-work” plans at the moment, my priority is getting through the next month of shifts without crying at the end of the night, and wanting to punch every customer in the jugular. Besides, as much as we would love to move to this community, I sure as hell wouldn’t want that store. It’s in a different district (and I love our district manager, he’s the best, he was my manager when I started with the company), their store has been in a shit-pile for nearly a year, it’s small, apparently poorly organized, and it’s primary staff under management are people who are planning on moving away for school. I mean – what the hell? So the location is great, but the store, not so much.

Not that it matters, I am about to pop a baby out, and go on maternity leave for a year anyway.

We’re heading home to visit my folks this weekend for our baby showers, and I’m quite excited. I say showers because my folks live way out town, so it’s really inconvenient for a lot of people, and most people haven’t heard of the community, so one shower will be at Mom and Dad’s for neighbors and friends, then the other, will be at a friends in town for everyone else. This will hopefully make travelling a little more convenient on everyone.

It will be nice to see people I haven’t seen in ages, and nice to finally know what we’ll need to pick up for the nursery and the baby. Matt makes fun of me for it, but I LOVE to plan, and organize, and makes lists for everything, so having to wait so long before we can really get started on the nursery, and getting situated has been driving me crazy. There is something comforting about making a list and checking it off. Call me crazy, but it keeps me sane (and keeps Matt on track, too).

I’ve made a list of all of the items we, ideally, need to get, so after the showers, we can pick up the extras, plus this way, I can mark down what we have spent on everything, and who gave us what, so at the end, we can send out thank-you cards, and also have an idea of what we spent to get things together. We have picked up a few items so far:

  • diaper genie (thanks to Kijiji!)
  • a pack of bibs (matched the theme of the paintings I did)
  • Montreal Canadians carrier cover (couldn’t resist)
  • 30pk of wash clothes (marked clearance at Zellers since they’re closing out)

And we’ve hit up Frenchy’s a couple times and found some super cute items:

  • blue/green overalls with some jungle animals on it
  • Peter Rabbit hooded towel
  • striped onesie that says “I’m new here”, and a picture of planet Earth
  • some Halo brand sleep sacks (yeah, that’s right, Halo brand!)

Halo is a company that makes sleeping sacks for babys, which are awesome. They’re designed to replace the baby’s blanket, which reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and the chance of their kicking their blankets off and becoming cold in the night. I had been reading about them online, and thought if I could find something similar to it in store, I could make some in different sizes. We were out one night, and thought we should take a quick peek into Frenchy’s, and see if we could find anything, and lo and behold – a Halo brand sleep sack! It’s a size medium, and it’s a pale yellow, and we were so thrilled with our find! These things cost $24.95 USD plus shipping and handling, and exchange rate.

We paid $1.25 – BOOYAH!

Fast forward to a couple nights ago, and we’re out doing some errands and thought “why not pop into Frenchy’s again for a peek at some baby items again” and sure enough, we found another one, in white, but the newborn size. After, we went to the mall to kill some time while our car was getting it’s oil change, and we walked into a store Matt had heard had a big clearance on it’s baby/children section. So we’re wandering around, and pawing through everything, when we find two MORE Halo brand sleep sacks in size large and extra large – reduced to clear for $8 each!

So we could have bought these online at their regular price and paid over $100 plus taxes. Instead, we spent $20! Love it!

We honestly didn’t expect to find any sleep sacks anywhere, and especially not that cheap, either. So it was a pleasant surprise, because we really liked the idea of a sleep sack over blankets, and it makes a lot of sense. The Frenchy’s here is pretty good, every trip in now we’ve found something, even before we went looking for baby items, and were just looking for ourselves, so I think we’ll keep popping in.

Anyway, I believe I’ve rambled enough tonight. Time to curl up with a hot chocolate, and watch the snow fall. Hope you’re all safe and warm inside wherever this weather is hitting you.

Much Love,

Courtney & Matt


ready for a kitchen party, welcome to the Maritimes

Song of the Day: Maritimes by Classified

T-Minus: 74 days

We went to look at the fabric store today to check out some patterns, not to buy, just to browse and take a peek at what interests us. We are going to make curtains, a cushion to go with our rocker, a couple of hanging book shelves, and some sleep sacks/bunting/bags (whichever you prefer to call them).

When Matt and I were in our old apartment, we had a roommate, and felt it best to keep our door closed, just a personal, privacy thing, but felt torn at the idea of the cats not being able to get in and out as they pleased. So to solve this, we hung a long curtain over the door, thus giving us our privacy, and the cats the freedom to go in and out. The curtain/door grew on us, and we’ve decided to the do the same thing in this apartment, but this time, remove the doors and put them down in the basement.  A curtain just looks so much nicer than a door which is a jar. We’re also going to do the same thing for the nursery.

While doing some blog-hopping months ago I came across this lovely little gem over at Penny Carnival (here) and could not stop gawking at it. Instant book mark! I knew I needed to make these, and they just looked too perfect to not put into a nursery. We thought that the double brackets may involve a serious hunt through some stores, but they were actually the first thing we found – bonus! Cannot wait to get started, they’re going to be too sweet.

I believe it was three or four Christmases ago now, but however many it was, I was given a lovely gift. We were all sitting around the living room getting ready for the gift exchanging to begin, and I noticed my Uncle was sitting a bit farther away from everyone than usual. He typically pulls up a chair from the kitchen, and sits in the entrance to the room, but this year, in particular, he was sitting farther away, and I told him he needed to join the family. He assured me he was fine where he was, and could see everything. As the evening progressed, he finally gets up and says “I need to go get your gift”, and from behind him, he pulls out this large, old, wooden rocker. It belonged to my Great-Grandmother, and now it was mine. It’s painted a light aqua colour, a spool in the back is missing, the arm is painted white (I’m assuming from a patch job),  and it’s perfect. We loved this rocker. Now, this rocker is going to go in the nursery (because what’s a nursery without an old wooden rocker?), but it needs a cushion! We found the material we want to use, and I think we’ll pick it up next pay, so I can crackin’ on making it.

One of the fun things about shopping for fabric, is touching everything. It’s my favourite. Matt makes fun, because I walk through the isles running my hands over all of the bundles of fabric. Plus there are lots of cute patterns, and the thought of making so many cute things is getting me excited! I cannot wait start buying material.

We’ve also been reading about infant sleeping bags/sacks/buntings (here). They’re supposedly better for babies, because they keep them cozy, and warm, but it alleviates the potential for suffocation, getting their blanket wrapped up around their face, also helps to prevent SIDS, and they can’t kick this off in the middle of the night and wind up with a chill. They’re also ridiculously cute! We found some nice material, which came in a multitude of colours, which we think would make nice sleeping bags! They look simple enough to make, and after searching online, the prices seem to run around the $25 and up mark, which isn’t terrible, but I could buy a lot more fabric for the price of a couple of sleeping bags, and make a number of them.

Tomorrow we’re going to go check out Frenchy’s and take a gander for a baby sleeping bag, or even a jumper, which we could use as a template, and make longer. We love to be hands on around here, and constantly look at things and say “Oh wow, this looks awesome! I bet we could make that!” Homemade living is just so much fun.

Much Love,

Courtney & Matt

99 luftballons auf ihrem weg zum horizont

Song of the Day: 99 Luftballoons by Nena

T-Minus: 76 days

Seven weeks of work to go, and eleven weeks until this party starts rockin’!

We’ve decided to stop getting so crazy at the idea of moving. It is what it is. Moving is a total pain in the ass, and this apartment isn’t bad, it simply is not everything we would love for it to be. And frankly, is it worth leaving everything half packed/unpacked to move in possibly six months? Not really. I’ll always regret not doing the nursery the way we want it done if we just leave it ordinary. I know I will. I’ll be fifty and still upset about it.

Our landlord is great, we can totally afford it, it’s in town, closer to everything, we have a yard, and a big deck, it is on the small side (but we’re used to very large places), and our bed didn’t fit. We’re getting a double box spring to solve the bed issue, because this isn’t the first apartment we’ve had that our bed hasn’t fit in. In hindsight, purchasing a solid, queen size box-spring was a bad idea. Tonight we discussed it at great length, and truly, we need to get this place organized, and set up the way we want it. We need to be excited about making this home, and not be thinking “this is simply temporary”. Maybe we’ll find something in the fall that’s perfect and too hard to turn down, and if we do, we’ll figure it out then. If not, this place would be fine until next year or so, and maybe once we figure out how things will be while I am off work, financially, we’ll look at buying a house. Who knows.

Point is, moving isn’t the best idea right now.

The next couple weeks will be busy, because we need to unpack the last of everything, shuffle some furniture (well, Matt can), paint the nursery (er… Matt will do that, too), and start getting the nursery set up and organized. It’s a very small room, but we worked out a floor plan tonight, and figured out how we’d like to set things up, and I think it will work out just fine. We need to stop looking at square footage, and start look at shelving to maximize our spaces.

Last night I made a list of all of the baby essentials we need (according to a number of lists online I found from women who bought and were given a million things more than they needed) and checked off what we already have. My Mom and Dad have already started collecting many items for us (their first grand-baby), so the list really isn’t too scary when you get past the length of it.

Been singing the 99 Balloons song all night. One of the girls at work purchased a t-shirt with 99 red balloons on it, and suddenly the song was in my head. It’s a fun song, but it always reminds me of these three, hilarious, German exchange students that my Dad taught to drive (he’s a driver education teacher), and they all came to the house for a BBQ in the summer before the left for home. We’re all sitting around chatting, and my Dad insisted they sing the song for him – in German of course – and it was such a riot! It was a great afternoon, and the song always reminds me of that day. Such funny girls.

Much Love,

Courtney & Matt

minimum wage with a baby on the way

Song of the Day: Dear Mr. President by P!nk

T-Minus: 79 days

Funny conversation from moments ago:

Courtney: Matt, guess what?

Matt: What?

Courtney: Seventy nine days away!

Matt: Do you enjoy trying to scare me?

Courtney: Yes. Yes I do.


Ugh. Spent the whole morning at the hospital. Had an appointment at 9, so I took a cab over, and gave myself lots of time to register. The doctor was an hour behind (I don’t care about his being behind – he’s a doctor, it happens), had to fight with the blood pressure monitor about twelve times to get a good reading, then I needed more blood work, and some needles. So I figured I would get them done that day, save a headache tomorrow or next week. No one could give me a straight answer about where to go, they’re renovating the hospital, I had to re-register down stairs since I was going to a new wing, so after about ten trips on the elevator, I am pretty sure if I had taken one more trip, I’d of puked all over the damn elevator.

No one seems to understand my paper work, and keep asking me the same questions, insisting I need more papers – “this is all the doctor gave me!” Plus, to make it worse, the elevator kept having to stop at different floors to pick other people up and drop them off. The starting and stopping of the elevator just makes my head spin, and my stomach turn inside out. I get to the other floor, and sure enough, they need my blood pressure again, and she didn’t care when I said I had it taken only an hour and a half before. So another fight with the blood pressure machine, and after about another twelve rounds on it, it finally gave a proper reading. They tell me I cannot leave for at least a half an hour because of the needle, which is fine. So I chill and read magazines. And wait. And watch the clock. Thirty minutes is forever when you want to leave.

Another trip down the elevator, and I go to use the payphone to call a cab to go home, and the phone will not accept my quarters! Are you kidding me?! I just want out of here! So I shuffle through all the change in my wallet, growing increasingly upset, I was seriously beginning to consider ripping the cord from the wall. No one would yell at a pregnant woman – right? Common sense luckily took over and assured me it was a bad plan, so I kept popping quarters. and after about ten minutes of fighting with it, it accepts my money. That payphone is lucky. My crazy preggo-driven hormones could have taken over at any second and ripped it a new one.

Pre-natal was canceled last night due to impending bad weather, which was nice. It started snowing heavily before the session was supposed to start, and I really didn’t want to go out in yucky weather. So we’ll make that session up at a later date, but one of the ladies in the group, she’s just about ready to pop, I think she’ll be lucky to make all of the sessions even. We’ll see!

And with that, I’m off to sleep. Been struggling to get a good nights rest lately.

Much Love,

Courtney & Matt

my heart could take a chance, but my two feet can’t find a way

Song of the Day: I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters

T-Minus: 81 days

So we’ve been away, and that’s from being lazy. I worked all weekend, and such, so we’ve also been quite busy, too.

Matt and I have decided to take some guesses on the date for when the baby will be born. He figured we should each make two guesses. Keep in mind, we’re ACTUALLY due on April 2nd.

Matt: March 13th, or March 28th

Courtney: March 20th, or April 5th

We’ll see how off each of us our on our guesses, or maybe one of us will be bang on. There is a part of me that can’t help thinking I will go late. I am so sure that the baby will be born in April. Why?

Well, growing up, I’ve known few people in my life born in the month of April, in school you always know when everyone’s birthday is, and always thought it felt like such a lonely month. So when we were told April 2nd was our due date, it struck me funny. What were the odds, that I would be due in a month I always felt was so left out when it came to birthdays? I think it is meant to be, and sadly, if I am right, that means I WILL ultimately make my due date, and much worse, probably go late.

Who knows?

It most certainly feels like it’s ready to jump out of my belly some days though. This thing doesn’t stop moving! I swear it just does somersaults from the time I wake up, until the time I go to sleep. It’s so intense! I can’t get over it, it’s nothing like I ever think I could imagine it being. It’s nothing I could have ever described, and still don’t think I could put the feeling, or describe the sensation in words.

The closest thing I can compare it to: loud base. We went to the bar before Christmas, and the music is always too loud, of course, but the baby’s movements remind me of that. The base travelling through your body, but just in your belly.

It’s pretty nifty.

Tonight we went to look at a new apartment. The landlord sounded pretty nice, he’s cool about our cats, the rent is the right price, laundromat around the corner and even a hook up inside if you have your own set (we have NO laundry here at all, getting our own laundry down is hassle enough, I’m sure doing laundry for a baby will only make it worse), no damn carpets, and it’s a bigger place, with a better layout.

Plus! There are no obnoxious stairs! I HATE the stairs in the place we live in, there are too many! I have to walk up three small flights to get onto my deck, then a full set inside. Total pain in the ass for groceries, and I can only imagine trying to get a baby up and down stairs routinely would be terrible (I’m a walking accident, so I don’t see it going well – I struggle getting dressed in the morning) .

We haven’t said yes to taking the place yet, need to sort a few things out first, but we’re hoping it works out. It’s outside of town, which is a plus, and it’s in a smaller, quiet, community. There is a convenience store in walking distance for little necessities we could run out of, so we don’t need to run into town for those things, the place has a yard, and it’s closer to the ocean (huge bonus points on our list). The bedrooms are also a better size, and the nursery could be set up properly.

It’s going to be so hard to tell our landlord. He’s such a doll. I think he’ll be a bit upset, every time he see’s us he asks how we’re doing, and how we’re liking things, and points out “well, we hope you don’t go anywhere anytime soon!” They’ve had a really bad run with past tenants lately, so they were pretty excited when they met us. Apparently, we’re normal!

But here’s hoping it works out.

We have pre-natal again tomorrow night, and we’re looking forward to it. The first session was pretty interesting,  so we’ll see how tomorrow goes. It could be terrible, and we’ll wish to never go back.

Much Love,

Courtney & Matt

5am turn the radio up

Song of the Day: Raise Your Glass by P!ink

T-Minus:87 days

(Love P!nk’s homage to Rosie the Riveter in the video!)

Just arrived home from our first pre-natal session! Curled up on the chesterfield watching the World Juniors – Canada verses Russia for the gold!


It was interesting, informative, and kind of fun. The lady running tonight’s session ran a little over on time, we were supposed to be wrapped up by 8pm, but a few people showed up late, so it took twenty minutes to finally get things running (the building have a security door doesn’t help matters when it’s not clearly marked, and you have to ring the buzzer to be let in – but no worries!) When we arrived, there were two other sets of couples waiting in the parking lot, so we got out, and walked over to the door we believed it to be. It was locked. No one was willing to start pushing buttons, so I do. I pushed every button until someone finally let us in. Now we know which button to push! (:

There were about sixteen couples, and one lady there by herself, so it was a nice small group. Matt and I had a feeling going in, we would possibly be the oldest couple there, expecting most of the couples to be in their early twenties, but we were actually one of the youngest couples. There were only two other couples there who looked to be in their twenties, the rest all looked to be in their thirties. It just struck us odd, because we’ve heard from a number of people they’re surprised at how long we waited to have children at 24 and 28, so we thought we’d see a younger-than-us kind of crowd.

We weren’t sure what to expect at all though in regards to content. We’ve had lots of friends who have been to pre-natal sessions, but none ever mentioned what was discussed there. Tonight we basically went over pregnancy basics, what to look out for by means of foods, things to discuss with your doctor (no midwives here, just doctors, the county we live in now does not offer midwifery), physical signs to look out for and all of that good stuff. She also made us fill out questionnaires with our partners to see how well we communicated about our plans for when the baby arrives, and such, just to see if we were on the same page, because apparently some couples don’t discuss everything! Matt’s and my pages were identical, which was nice, and comical. There was one question about “you suddenly realize you’re going into labor – what do you do?” I wrote:

Panic. Matt will have to take care of everything.

Matt wrote:

Freak out. Really freak out.

And then there was another one that said “name two things you would do to try and sooth a crying baby?” Matt totally aced that one, and I clearly failed. Matt wrote:

See if they need to be fed or rock them.

I, on the other hand, wrote:

Panic. See if they need feeding/change/et cetera.

Yeah, I’m a real pro. I really have to pray that this “motherly instinct” everyone talks about kicks in immediately, because whenever the question is posed to me “what would you do?” My first thought is panic.  The lady even asked, rhetorically, tonight “well, what would you guys do if someone handed you a crying baby right now?” A few of the Mama-to-Be’s said smart Mama-like things. First words out of my mouth? “Pass them back.” I’m not really a terrible person. Honest. Just scared about not knowing what to do. I’ve been in some situations with kids before where I’ve just reacted and taken care of the situation, but those were one time things. My baby will be 24/7. This makes me nervous.

*fingers crossed*

She also gave us lots and lots of reading material, which is nice. It all looks very informative, and there are lots of phone numbers for help-lines if you have questions, too. I’ll probably give those a paw through tomorrow night. I love reading materials! (:

Then at the end of the class, she showed us a video.

The video discussed the “stages of labor”. It was very informative, which was excellent, and covered all the bases. It followed three women in their labor with their partners, how they coped, what they felt, their thoughts, and what happened verses what happened. It was also pretty graphic! Which we weren’t specifically expecting. I mean, we are all adults, and we’re all about to go through it, and we all have lady bits, but this video wasn’t filmed from the angle where you didn’t see the whole picture.

Nope. This was the money shot, they showed the whole she-bang. I guess we just didn’t expect the video to be so graphic. It was touching though, to see that “moment” when the women each saw their baby for the first time. It was special. It plucked a heart-string for me.

The Russians just won the gold. Our boys just fell apart. Terrible. Shouldn’t have happened this way.

On that note, it’s time for bed.

Much Love,

Courtney & Matt

’cause Baby, you’re a firework

Song of the Day: Firework by Katy Perry

T-Minus: 88 days

Well, didn’t end up posting last night, fell asleep on the chesterfield instead. So much for trying to get through the first month blogging with a post a day! But mmmm napping. (:

I love days when I feel like I have accomplished a lot. Today Matt and I were both off, and managed to get some cooking, as well as a bit of housework done around the apartment, just a bit of puttering left over the next couple of days, and we’re done our big clean. Since my back isn’t too predictable these days, we’ve opted to do a bit each day, and by the end of the week we’ll be done! I could let Matt do all the work, but frankly, that’s mean. Once that’s all done, we’re on to the nursery. Eeek! Panic!

Our apartment isn’t very big. It’s technically a “two bedroom”, but really, it’s only a “one plus den”. I’ve had closets bigger than this so-called extra bedroom. It’ll suffice, and when you only have a short period of time to find a home on the other side of the province, sadly, it’s slim pickings. We had to move after school had started, and in a college town, that’s not a good thing, called about twenty apartments, and were only able to arrange two viewings (so many people are against cats or the prospect of children). The first place we looked at was beautiful. We loved it. Three bedroom, great price, near the YMCA, and the rink, over looking the water, and everything included, and we were ready to take it until Matt’s new co-workers asked where the place was, and they told us that end of town is called “Drug Alley”. We thought that maybe they were being dramatic, until we asked around a bit more, and the same general consensus was formed that MacDonald St. is where all the bad stuff happens. So we moved onto the next viewing.

The landlord is a doll – we love him. He’s a sweet older man, who lives in the house, and rents out his upstairs. Problem is – too small. We thought we could live with it, but honestly, it’s proving difficult. The worst being, the size of the place is the ONLY issue we have with the apartment. The price is fine, it’s on a quiet side street (the neighbors play hockey and skateboard in the road), there’s a yard, and when you sit on the deck you can hear the birds chirping before the traffic down below. The place is just too small, and considering the stuff that comes with baby, we won’t have room for it. We barely have room for us, now.

The thought of wanting to move is nauseating. Anyone who knows Matt and I well, knows that we are no strangers to moving. Personally, in the last six years, I have moved eleven times, and Matt has moved quite a few more times than I. If we weren’t expecting, wanting to move probably wouldn’t be a huge ordeal, but do we try to find a place before the baby is born? Or do we try to find a place afterward? Regardless, it’ll be a headache either way, I’m sure. Then there is the issue of how to go about setting up a nursery. We are going to set the room up, but we keep debating if it is worth spending too much effort making the room look the way we’d like it in this apartment when we know we’ll be moving soon after. The practical side of says “don’t waste the time and effort, set the room up as a nursery, but don’t get carried away, you’re leaving this room shortly“, but then there is the pregnant-for-the-first-time side which tells me “just do it, you’ll go nuts until you move and set up the new room if you don’t“. Can’t win.

It’s so easy to carried away though. It really is. There is a reason why the Wedding and Baby industries are such huge businesses! There is something for everything, and lots of somethings for no real reason other than being cute and to make you say “awww” and spend more money. Thus far, Matt and I have only bought a couple things for the baby/nursery: a copy of Oh Baby, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, a copy of Bambi we found at a used book store for fifty cents, a Disney DVD we came across in a clearance bin at Zellers, and a diaper genie we bought off Kijiji. Again, we took the advise of friends and family to hold off buying too many things right away, but we don’t want to spend a mint on unnecessary things, or go crazy about having to have things just so. Sure, we could spend an extra $50-100 for the prettier crib or playpen or whatever, but where else could that little extra be spent that would be better for the baby and for us? We are also very fortunate that we have had lots of items given to us from friends and family who are no longer using them with their children, which is a huge blessing, and we are so thankful for. We just really want to try to be practical, and look at what we need, and don’t need, and what is necessary, versus spending more for something that isn’t so necessary.

However, there is a store in the mall where I work that is full of educational toys, books, art supplies and activities for kids of all age groups. Oh it is so fantastic. We just love it. We picked up a wooden cube for our nephew, and it has 12 different coloured and shaped wooden blocks to try and push inside of it. It’s quite nifty, it’s all natural materials (which is a plus), and has lots of learning potential aside from just putting the shapes in the correct hole like colour matching, and counting, and grouping. Every time I walk by the store I have to tell myself to keep walking. It will be very difficult to not want to buy everything they have in there though, I could easily see myself trying to justify it “but it’s educational! AND it’s cute!

It’s going to be so fun. I’m getting too excited! (:

Much Love,

Courtney & Matt

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